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Thread: Vocal Booth

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    Vocal Booth

    What would you suggest to use to get the best quality sound from the vocal booth? I just used my computer's built in mic because that is all I have right now but I could only work with it so much! haha

    What mics, that go into the computer, would you suggest I look into?

    Also, I don't know if it is just me but it seems there is a bit of a delay when recording? It could be me or my computer. But when I tried to put in harmonies or other parts they were SLIGHTLY off time and I could not for the life of me fix it! Especially when I tried to do a vocal track and a guitar track. They would never match up!

    Thank you for the help!! <3

    Musically Yours,
    Destinee Quinn

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    Hi Destinee-

    first of all... your video for the Old Navy competition was insanely awesome. seriously.

    There's a few mics that you might be interested in checking out...
    1) http://bit.ly/l1t39u
    2) http://amzn.to/lvx1gl
    3) http://amzn.to/iZmqV5

    The first one requires an 1/8 in. input on your computer. But the others use a USB connection. When you hook it up, just be sure to select the correct recording device from the tiny little Adobe window that pops up when you enter the vocal booth.

    Now, to get to the bottom of the delayed recording... I'd recommend closing other programs before recording on BreakoutBand so that your computer doesn't run slow or anything. Sometimes that can cause a delay in the recorded audio. Additionally, we are going to look into your song "You and Old Navy" and make sure that nothing went wrong in the recording.

    Keep rocking, I'll be in touch soon.

    Best wishes,
    Jon Joffe
    Supervising Music Producer- BreakoutBand

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